Presentation Skills

Presentation skills is one of our one day courses

AIM:Would you like your presentations to have more impact? Would you like to feel more confident and clear when you make a presentation? The aim of this course is to enhance your presentation skills so that you presentations are more professional and successful. It will help you use your voice, posture and tone to really engage your audience.

OBJECTIVES: At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Prepare, structure and deliver your content in the best way using the most appropriate technology
  • Build your presentation in a way that meets the needs of your audience and talks to them
  • Handle pre-presentation nerves and avoid distracting behaviours and body language
  • Respond well to challenges and questions from your audience


  • Preparation, structure and organisation of content
  • Pro’s and con’s of different media technology
  • Presenting with your audience in mind
  • Body language, dealing with nerves, projecting confidence 

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