Nurture Development Programmes

Every living thing needs to be nurtured to survive and businesses are no different. 

A pipeline of good management talent is critical to business success. Nurturing talent can play a key role here, as investment in management development plays an important part in identifying and retaining future managers.        

What is a Nurture programme?

An excellent way of developing aspiring managers  and ensuring that they understand and embody the company culture. It gives individuals and the company a chance to see if management is for them.

The aim is to introduce participants to the roles and responsibilities of a manager and to let them work on some of the key people management skills required to effectively fulfil the role.

How does a Nurture Programme work?

A rolling programme consisting of four one-day workshops (approximately four weeks apart) with bridging activity in between workshops. The workshops are interactive with lots of exercises and role-plays. We work with you to ensure the programme content is designed to reflect the participants' real situations at work.  Your programme might include the following workshops:

  • The Role of the Manager
  • Planning Prioritising and Time Management
  • Delegation, Motivation and Feedback
  • Getting the Best from Others - Coaching

Please get in touch if you would like to talk to us about how you can nurture the talent in your business.