Are Your Managers Coasting? 10 telltale signs!


2nd September 2016

Are Your Managers Coasting? Ten telltale signs! 

We can all get into a comfort zone. Often we don't realise it until someone has the courage to point it out and challenge us. Comfort zones are cosy, familiar places which we can be reluctant to leave. 

Invariably being in a comfort zone will bring negative consequences sooner or later, both for the business and the individual. Being in a comfort zone usually means we are coasting. Our performance becomes static or drops progressively as others pass us by. It is particularly important for the business that coashing is addressed but sometimes it is not always obvious. 

Here are ten telltale signs that you need to look out for:

1. Offering no suggestions for improvement 

2. Holding on to routine tasks

3. Excusing and tolerating poor performance 

4. Not challenging others constructively

5. Responding negatively to change

6. Taking the easy rather than the right option

7. Getting stuck in routines 

8. Not developing people

9. Focussing on the utilities of the job, not the job

10. Talking about football!!! 


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