Recommended reading to improve coaching skills


8th April 2016

Recommended Reading 

We often get requests from participants for our recommendations for further reading.  Want to further your Coaching skills? These books are highly recommended by the Contact Consulting Team! 

W. Timothy Gallwey -The Inner Game of Tennis  The best book on our philosophy of managing is not a management book at all.  It's a book about tennis written in 1975.  It doesn't say anything about business but it says a lot about performance, and it has influenced the whole concept of what is known today as "coaching".   Buy it here

Jonathan Passmore -Excellence in Coaching  A handy book with a number of articles by different authors of current coaching issues, and coaching styles and approaches.   Useful to read and experience the difference between the authors, and helpful to reflect on your own style, and to add breadth and depth to your practice. Buy it here

Henry Kimsey-House -Co-Active Coaching  A useful book that covers more about the coaching relationship, and some of the deeper areas – curiosity, intuition and bringing actions to life.  Helpful to take your coaching to the next level. Buy it here

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