Our new Influencing Style Profile is now available!


8th April 2016

New Influencing Style profile now available! 

We are thrilled to announce our new Influencing Style profile is now available to support our Influencing programmes, or for individuals wanting to develop their skills.

Our profile will help you exploring alternative ways to influence different people in order to:

  • Gain co-operation and support for projects or ideas  
  • Inspire others 
  • Persuade others to achieve goals
  • Create good working relationships
  • Turn around challenging relationships

Our profile provides an opportunity for individuals to look at their influencing behaviour at work as seen by themselves and their colleagues. 

It helps identify natural strengths and also those styles which may come less naturally and which could be developed further. It will also help individuals identify all the styles so they can adapt and modify their approach to effectively influence those with different styles.

Take a look at our profile or our Influencing skills programmes for more information, or get in touch to discuss how we can help 

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