Can you pass the Leadership Test?


26th February 2016

Can you pass the Leadership Test?

Over the last few weeks I have been conducting a simple experiment.

I have been listening to how people describe their jobs. What is really fascinating is the difference between those who sound like leaders and those who do not.

Maybe amidst all the hype and research into what makes a leader there is a much simpler way to spot those who have the potential to lead.

They do not talk about what they do, nor do they tell you anything about their operation or its scale. Those that do that are likely, in my view, to be the head of something rather than the leader. Leaders talk about purpose; what they are doing things for and why they do what they are doing.

Their focus is on the future, not on the present; on why something needs to change rather than what needs to be done. It’s a question of emphasis and it can be quite subtle but when you listen to them it makes a big difference….especially to you!

Graham Stickland 

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