New Gender Traits Profile to support our programmes on gender diversity


15th October 2015

New Gender Traits Profile now available 

For some time, we have been using our Gender Traits Profile to support our gender diversity programmes. 
The profile was developed in house over the last few years and has become increasingly popular. 

Thanks to our new in-house system, our enhanced individual Gender Traits Profile now gives a personal, tailored report showing which traits you display most frequently and the impact for you and your organisation.  There is also an opportunity to ask up to 8 of your colleagues to comment on your behaviour linked to the traits. The profiles show areas of strength, as well as areas which can be developed further, with suggestions on how this can be done. The profile is often used to support our Gender Diversity programmes. 

Our Gender Traits profile is generated by our bespoke online profiling system thanks to the team at Clevertech.

There are a number of benefits of our new system: 

  • An easy flexible process for participants and colleagues. Participants do everything through an online portal which can be accessed on most mobile devices
  • We can log and build up data and stats for clients. Organisers will be able to access company scoring by country, gender, trait, function, etc 
  • Profiles are available in bound hard copy or PDFs
Read more about how our Gender Traits Profile or Gender Diversity programmes can support your organisation, or get in touch to see how we can help 

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