On the Spot Coaching- Make the Most of the Moment


27th June 2019

On the Spot Coaching- Make the Most of the Moment 

Coaching does not always need people to set aside time in advance. It can be done on the spot whenever you see someone do something that is good or not so good. Frequently managers wait for the ideal time rather than making the most of the moment.

An important element of the coach’s mindset is the belief that by helping people re-live what they have just done or experienced, they are more likely to not only accurately recall their actions or behaviour but also to see more quickly what the alternatives could be next time.

Take a look at this video showing how using a short, question based conversation helps the coachee reflect on what they did and understand what was good about it. In doing this the manager encourages the coachee to repeat and extend the behaviour and builds their confidence to experiment further.

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