Trouble getting the message across?


3rd July 2014

OK, so this illustrates a situation at home, but how often are emotions or opinions misunderstood in the workplace?

Whether you are a leader, manager or team member - understanding yourself and others around you is really important for communicating and working together. 

Self assessment profiles allow individuals, or a whole team to find out more about themselves and those they work along side.  To find out what makes you and others 'tick' enables you to approach things in a different way, with an understanding of how to get a better response from those you work with. 

SHL Emotional Intelligence Profiles

We tend to use EI profiles  to support our individual or management development programmes.  The report describes competencies key to the development of  EI which can be defined as how well we understand our own feelings and emotions as well as those of others, and how well we manage our relationships with others. 

TMSdi Team Management Profiles

We also run management or team workshops using TMS profiles, that help participants to:

  •   Find out about their own management style 
  •   Understand more about the people they manage or work with 
  •   See the effectiveness of a team made up of different parts of the wheel  

If you would like to discuss how we can help you or your team, please get in touch

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