Resilient teams


8th October 2020

Resilient teams are able to maintain productivity and performance whilst competently managing the emotional pressure caused by disruption and turmoil.

The levels of change, disruption and pressure that the Covid 19 pandemic has brought to our personal and professional lives have certainly pushed resilience right to the top of our list of vital competencies.

Remote working is at unprecedented levels. The focus for many has understandably been on maintaining the engagement and well-being of teams that find themselves disconnected and dependent on virtual communication. The need for resilience, however, is not confined to those who are working remotely. There are many people that have continued to work together in the usual location often keeping vital industries and services going. This has brought a different pressure which some may argue has received less attention.

In both contexts, as global uncertainty continues, there is a real risk that fatigue and loss of energy will set in.

Resilience is not just about keeping going – recovery is just as important! Understanding resilience and actively building resilient teams are vital steps to maintaining productivity and performance.


How can we help teams develop resilience?

We have developed the following short, remote, intensive programme to help organisations build resilient teams.

2 x 40 minute webinars for everyone (team leaders and team members) -

Followed by 2 x 1 hour weekly bitesize remote sessions, one for everyone and one for team leaders -

Both programmes would receive ongoing support and resources from our Learning Huddle app. 

Please get in touch for further information.

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