What is blended learning?


22nd July 2019

What exactly is blended learning?

'Blended learning' - a term that has been used for a long time now in the L&D world, but one that divides opinion on what it actually means- online, face to face workshops, remote sessions, coaching…

For us, it is about the right choice of relevant options that works best for the organisation and the learner - that will always be different for each organisation.

We work closely with The Learning Huddle who have a range of really practical online management skills modules that can be mixed and matched and delivered as part of a blended programme.  These work really well with face to face training or individual coaching. The modules allow participants to learn on the go and to access support on mobile or laptop as and when they need it.

Our solutions have always been about finding the right blend that’s best for the organisation and the learner and we see online learning modules as a key element of our management development programmes.

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