Managing Your Time

Managing Your Time is one of our one day courses.

AIM:  Managing your time is common sense, but it is not always common practice.  If we are honest, our behaviour is often driven by the amount of short term pleasure we gain from doing something. Many of us enjoy being driven by events, the urgency of a situation, crises, successful fire-fighting etc. If we are not careful it becomes the norm. But whilst these activities can provide a short term burst of energy, in the long term they reduce our efficiency and effectiveness. This course will introduce you to a range of pragmatic tools to help you plan and prioritise your time more effectively.  It will also help you identify and address the habits and working practices that currently limit your efficiency.   

OBJECTIVES:   At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify how you currently use your time
  • Clarify and effectively prioritise your role objectives and goals
  • Identify gaps in your current planning habits and implement techniques to improve them
  • Adopt strategies and techniques to handling interruptions and other time stealers
  • Identify yours and others most productive working time and use it appropriately
  • Use time management tools more effectively


  • Role clarification: What is the fundamental purpose of your role? What are the key areas you are responsible for and what are the tasks that sit within them?
  • Prioritising: How to use your fundamental purpose to effectively prioritise, how to use prioritisation tools and technology 
  • Planning: identifying and applying the key planning questions to improve your task delivery
  • Procrastinating: What are the causes and how do we overcome them in ourselves and others
  • Common time stealers:  What are the ones that affect us the most, and which techniques can help
  • Working more effectively:  Creating personal plans for more effective working

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