Managing Underperformers

Managing Underperformers is one of our one day courses.

AIM:  When you have an underperformer in your team, they take up a lot of management time and drain the motivation of the team as a whole. Being able to turn the situation around as quickly and as painlessly as possible is an essential skill.  The aim of this course is to help identify the real causes of underperformance and, having identified them correctly, know and apply the best fit solution to turn the situation around. 

OBJECTIVES:   By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Spot the early signs of underperformance
  • Identify the fundamental causes of underperformance
  • Structure effective performance conversations
  • Give clear and constructive feedback
  • Set and use SMART objectives to ensure improvement
  • Monitor and measure progress more effectively
  • Use HR support where appropriate or necessary


  • Causes of Underperformance:  What are the underlying causes of underperformance and which of these applies to your people?
  • Addressing the Issues: How to gather relevant performance data and use it to structure and hold an effective performance conversation. How to use positive constructive feedback to drive future performance
  • Objective Setting:  How to construct SMART objectives that gain buy-in from your member of staff
  • Basic HR support: When to ask for it, how to use it

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