Management Testimonials

"As a result of this programme I understand the importance of feedback and how to consider the way to approach people. I will also coach more and learn and practice coaching” 

Store manager luxury retail  

"It was a very enjoyable and enlightening course with very experienced and professional tutors. I feel privileged to be a part of the programme and would definitely recommend it to others"

Service Reception Manager, Automotive

"I found it really enjoyable and useful and looked forward to my time on the programme - all tutors had a wealth of knowledge and were very engaging. I have already begun using the information provided in my day to day job - I have especially benefited from the time management module and have been able to create myself a plan/diary that I can work from daily" 

Nurture Programme,  Fleet Sales Automotive

"I loved it and it gave me a clear view of which skills I have to work on in order to become a better manager" 

Assistant Store Manager luxury retail

"I had the chance to have several training sessions with Contact Consulting (influencing, coaching, dual leadership, indirect influencing, questioning-listening). Always very professional, very focused on concrete examples and very good atmosphere. Key learnings are very positive and really changing my way of working with others in a more efficient manner to achieve results. Thanks"

Nestlé Waters

"The training was a great moment for me, Andrew was a great facilitator and the Team was just fantastic where we were able to exchange lots of learning and best practices. The training itself was very informative and educative and I personally had lots of take away that I started deploying in my store."

Store Manager luxury retail

"I just loved the course, Andrew was really outstanding. During the 2 days training, he communicated too many information in a flexible and smooth way."

Store manager luxury retail

"Helen and Graham delivered a fully attractive and energizing course, with very easy applicable techniques."

Nestlé Waters Paris 

"Very interactive and participatory with smooth transitions from one topic to the other. Relaxed atmosphere & setting." "Great performance from Andrew Jones" 

Luxury retail store manager

"The course was fantastic and the size of the team,the venue and the feeling of openness between all the individuals involved meant that I took a lot more away from it in terms of best practice and areas for development to really work on in my store than I have from any other workshops."

Luxury retail 

"For me this training was a real motivation booster. I liked the possibility to exchange experiences with other colleagues, which is always very interesting and good for networking"

Luxury retail 

"Very qualitative tutor who created a trustful environment, where one had the opportunity to share experiences and limits. I believe for those who are in Chaumet for a long time, it created awareness on the need to drive change positively. This course should not be a one shot but the beginning"

Luxury retail

"It was a great training, very inspiring, and also very hands on, the balance is great. Graham has the capacity to make people express their thought in a very constructive way, at the same time going very deep inside. I appreciated the way he had to place us in front of our managerial responsibilities. That's very exciting."

Luxury retail management development programme 

"Good people management practices may seem mundane and boring, but it's the ‘heavy lifting’ that sets good companies apart.”  

LEAN Programme Manager, Nestlé Waters

"We'd like to thank Hilary for the great 2 days; fully efficient, motivating, dynamic and adding value, as Nestlé Waters Turkey"

In my role as Executive Development Coordinator, Graham has run this programme with great success.  Programme evaluations feedback with an average 4.6 from a maximum of 5 suggests that the delegate mix has gained value from this course.

It has been a great pleasure to work along side Graham and hope that the company continue to benefit from his facilitation."       

Executive Development, Walt Disney

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