Bite-size Training

We provide one-day and two-hour bite-sized  interactive, participative training programmes. Our programmes are designed to give you as much flexibility as possible in the way you buy training for your people. They can be delivered alone or as part of a modular programme over a period of time. 

Our two-hour modules are short and flexible - great for those working shifts or when there are several groups that need the same training.  

Our one-day programmes focus on really building skills to take back into the workplace.  Here are some examples- 

In organisations today-

  • Work environments need to reflect the challenge of gender balance and become more amenable to the needs and styles of men and women. 
  • Managers must have more of a coaching mind-set to allow ideas and innovation to come through from all levels. 
  • People need to be more empowered and therefore more engaged and less subject to top down decision making.
  • More flexibility and people development is needed to retain younger talent and improve motivation generally. 
  • Flatter, leaner structures require high levels of collaboration and interpersonal skills.

With these principles in mind we have crafted our exciting, participative courses which build real, practical skills in a way that meets these emerging organisational needs. Have a look at what people have said about our programmes.

Flexibility -

We understand that you may be looking at not only a range of needs but also a range of people, maybe at different levels or with different roles. The content of each of our courses can be tailored to suit a particular audience or, in some cases, can be pitched at a higher or more junior level. Some you may want to put together as a series of modules to build a bespoke programme held over a number of weeks. Others you may want to purchase as stand-alone courses but run at regular intervals. Whatever you are looking for, get in touch and talk through with us how we can help.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our one day courses.