Savvy skillls for organisations

In order to achieve success and professionally develop in an organisation that is complex and challenging, it is really important for individuals to be “savvy” about how to navigate situations to good effect

Aimed at people who are new to an organisation or who are ambitious and keen to progress, our two day workshop will help participants to:

  • Learn how to navigate the organisation with integrity
  • Increase their visibility and career prospects in the organisation by greater awareness of personal political styles
  • Achieve greater success with their ideas and projects by developing a network and identifying, managing and influencing their stakeholders
  • Be more successful in the organisation by working in an emotionally intelligent way


Although there are some generic savvy skills in organisations there will also be some specific to your organisation. Before the programme we will complete diagnostic interviews with your senior executives to tailor the savvy skills to your organisation. 

The programme includes-

  • Your organisational culture - Values, assumptions, preferences and styles
  • Assessing your savvy skills - Appreciate difference, link to the culture of your organisation
  • Stakeholders and your network -Identifying, analysing, strategies to manage and influencing different types of stakeholders How to evaluate and develop your network
  • Understanding and managing your own personal PR
  • Emotional intelligence -360 EI profile including feedback from peers and senior colleagues, what is EI and how can you develop it 
  • Ethical lobbying
  • Action planning 

​If you'd like to know more about our Org Savvy programme, please get in touch