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Creating Mentoring Excellence in Nestlé Waters

Nestlé Waters wanted to retain and engage talent throughout the organisation and to help accelerate the career development of high potential people. Formal mentoring programmes were specifically identified in Nestlé as one of the best ways to support people to achieve their mid to long term career development goals.

Anita Cassagne from Nestlé Waters was delighted with their bespoke programme

We helped Nestlé Waters break down the project into manageable sections. We designed a bespoke programme in partnership with them which consisted of 5 elements:

  • A half day mentee induction programme designed to be delivered by their HR Business Partners
  • A one day skills development programme for mentors
  • Individual guides for both mentors and mentees
  • A mentoring toolkit which HR Business Partners can use with their mentors to support both skills development and the mentoring relationship.  This contains models, exercises and resources which the mentor can use for their own self development and during the course of the mentoring relationship with their mentee. 
  • A process map for HR Business Partners to help them implement a customised mentoring programme which meets the specific needs of their business area/market

Global interactive online learning

The interactive sessions gave opportunities for mentors to share their experiences, to role play situations they may encounter and to take part in exercises. on a recent programme the 6 participants were based in China, France, Argentina and the UK, the feedback for the sessions was excellent.

As well as global internal networking, the sessions are allowing Nestlé Waters to cost effectively train their mentors.      

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Mentoring Toolkit