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Solutions to improve the performance of leaders, managers, teams and individuals

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Solutions to improve the performance of managers, teams and individuals

Effective Management Teams

Managers in organisations can be individually very talented but unless they work to build strong teams they are unlikely to achieve sustainable business success.

Do you want to give your managers the skills to build and improve the effectiveness of their teams?

Excellent management skills are crucial to the achievement of high level team performance. High performing teams are those which are highly motivated, fun to be part of and which achieve success. 

We deliver interactive, modular classroom based programmes for managers which focus on – 

  • The manager’s role in getting the best from their team
  • Building trust 
  • Communicating common goals
  • Coaching team members
  • Motivation and morale
  • Holding team members accountable
  • The stages of team development and how to move your team forward

In our programmes we use TMSDi Team Management profiles to look at the constructive use of different roles within a team. 

The programmes work really well as a series of individual workshops about 4-6 weeks apart.  Alternatively  we would be delighted to work with you to design a team day to help your team focus on working together more effectively and productively to achieve results.

Please get in touch - we really look forward to hearing from you.