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Solutions to improve the performance of managers, teams and individuals

Louis Vuitton - Leadership Challenge Case Study

Our work with Louis Vuitton is typical of the way we approach leadership development. The Leadership Challenge programme is intrinsically linked to the growth of Louis Vuitton as the world leader in the luxury goods market. Delivered to the top one hundred and forty executives worldwide, our 2.5 day programme is designed to develop the specific leadership qualities and behaviour necessary to achieve business success now and in the future.

Delivered in each of the regional zones and to key functional teams in Paris, the programme's impact has been significant in the way it has directly used current business challenges as the context to develop leadership capability. Working in this way has ensured value is added not just at the individual level, but also for the key executive teams and the business as a whole. Follow up sessions give an opportunity to not only measure the success of individual and team action plans, but also to continue the momentum of change and development that the programme stimulates.

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