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Solutions to improve the performance of managers, teams and individuals

Interactive Online Learning

We believe there is no ideal substitute for face to face training.
However, online learning can be a flexible and exciting alternative for some training. Programmes for either just a few participants or for those who are geographically apart can be delivered very cost effectively online.

For some programmes we are now able to provide interactive online learning sessions which can be accessed globally within your organisation. For example:

Online Learning is ideal for a series of short training sessions, or as a support to our face to face programmes, especially if you have participants in different geographical locations. The content can be personalised to include your company policies and objectives. 

Using CISCO Webex training centre, our interactive sessions provide:

  •   A virtual online 'classroom'
  •   Sharing of multi-media, videos, documents  
  •   Interactive whiteboards   
  •   Intercall telephone links and VOIP
  •   Recorded sessions
  •   Live breakout rooms where participants work in small groups
  •   Live Q&A between the group and tutor, polling and quizzes
  • Integration with our E-Learning coaching support facility
  • An opportunity for global participation over different time zones
  • High definition video

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our interactive online learning sessions