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Solutions to improve the performance of managers, teams and individuals

Gender Traits Profiles

The business case for more gender balance in organisations has been powerfully made but the challenge remains how to achieve it in a way that is realistic, inclusive and sustainable. 

Our individual online Gender Traits Profile gives a practical insight into which traits you display most frequently and the impact for you and your organisation.  There is also an opportunity to ask up to 8 of your colleagues to comment on your behaviour linked to the traits.

Benefits of our Gender Traits Profiles: 

  • A personal, tailored report , showing areas of strength and development,with suggestions for progress
  • Can include input of up to 8 colleagues
  •  A flexible tool that can be included in our diversity and Gender Traits Leadership Development Programmes, or used by individuals with a feedback session
  • An easy flexible process for participants and colleagues. Participants do everything through an online portal which can be accessed on most mobile devices
  • We can log and build up data and stats for clients. Organisers will be able to access company scoring by country, gender, trait, function, etc 
  • Profiles are available in bound hard copy or PDFs

The profiles are based on our extensively researched masculine and feminine gender traits - most men and women will embody a mix of gender traits and are capable of exhibiting the full range of associated behaviours.

Personal and organisational awareness is the pre-cursor to meaningful change in leadership behaviour and  real gender equality in organisations will only be achieved through changes to beliefs and assumptions.  The profile is a great starting place to begin the journey!

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you address gender balance in your organisation