Executive Coaching

Individual coaching is an extremely cost-effective way for organisations to provide support to key individuals. Rapid steps forward can be made with minimal time away from work. 

Sessions can be conducted face to face, via zoom, skype, webex or by telephone.

Are you facing any of these issues?

Typical of our current and recent individual executive coaching assignments are the following –

  • Helping a senior executive integrate into a very different organisational culture and build her new relationships quickly
  • Working with a country MD in an international company to help him raise his game and profile in order to be ready for a more senior role
  • Supporting an entrepreneur who now wants to grow capability in his company and get out of too much detail
  • Coaching a newly promoted, fast-track business manager in a matrix international environment to be less binary in her approach and build more long-term strategies through influencing rather than pushing ideas too strongly
  • Helping a senior, front-line retail manager coach more and work through her managers rather than be at the centre of everything
  • Helping managers implement change effectively 

Please get in touch if you think executive coaching may help you or people in your organisation.