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Solutions to improve the performance of managers, teams and individuals

E-learning Coaching Support 

Are you having trouble embedding a coaching style of management within your organisation? 

Coaching skills take time and practice to develop. In our experience managers who are new to coaching need more than a one off learning event to have any chance of success when back in the workplace. They need a structured programme of on-going input and support not only to develop their skills but also to make the significant shift in mindset and in management style required.

We provide a bespoke E-learning system to support the manager once they are back at work.  This coaching journey lasts up to six months and is managed by the participants through an individual portal. It utilises a range of learning activites to successfully and cost effectively embed coaching -

  • Videos - short clips from "how to hold your ground as a coach" to "dealing with difficult coaching situations"
  • Surveys - a variety of surveys, including 360 degree,  that participants can use to assess their progress 
  • Reading materials - including articles and books
  • Activities - tips and reminders  about how to coach
  • Contact the tutor - the opportunity to discuss problems with tutors through email or interactive online session.

Learning and Development departments can receive feedback on how the facility is being used and the progress that participants are making to ensure real return on investment.

The diagram below shows an example of our recommended coaching programme consisting of 3 workshops. The modules within the workshops are supported by the online facility as the participants progress through the programme. 

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about embedding coaching in your organisation