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Solutions to improve the performance of leaders, managers, teams and individuals

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Solutions to improve the performance of managers, teams and individuals

Coaching Testimonials

"Amazing training that I highly recommend. It will help you in becoming very aware of your temper, emotions and use these to you benefit. Naturally, this will lead to leveraging ones' strengths and overcoming any obstacles. A definite 'must have' for driven people who live more than just a 9-2-5 job and are willing to put an extra effort/ work to become a Leader they want to be." - Anna Katarzyna Wlodarz, Business Development Manager Belvedere Vodka at LVMH

"My individual coaching with Contact Consulting enabled me to understand the reasons I react and feel the way I do within certain situations and when dealing with certain challenging people.  It allowed me to develop as an individual by increasing awareness, confidence and belief which in turn allowed me to develop and execute ideas I had which I may have held back from acting upon previously.  As a result of this, I believe Colbornes now has a manager who is more committed to delivering their vision, positively, effectively and confidently because of my time with Graham” - Karen Parker, Group Aftersales Manager, Colbornes

"Very good feeling with qualified trainers and super atmosphere conducive to learning. Very satisfied!"

"Valuable training in a very relaxed atmosphere. Tutor very comfortable in their training, very good exchange. Example and practical situation of our professional Everyday Life. The program and course planning was very effective."

"I enjoyed the practical exercises in small groups. Thank you Danaé, for your good humor and energy that you have instilled during these two days." - Nestlé Waters Essentials of Management Coaching in French

"I think it was a perfectly balanced course of learning in the classroom style as well as breakout partnering sessions to actively work on the skills discussed. Also I believe the timing of the course was perfect as we managed into just under 2 days, while still getting into all of the detail of the content. Graham shows a great leadership and facilitation style!"  - Essentials of Management Coaching with TMS  Nestlé Waters

"I wanted to thank you again for your time last week. You have a lot of passion for what you do, it was quite inspirational. I manage a wonderful team and have already started to put more of your lessons into practice, I suppose my thanks is also theirs."  - Jeff MacKeigen – Division Manager, Essentials of Management Coaching with TMS Nestlé Waters Canada 

"My coach never provides the answer, but always draws the solution from me."  - Scott Paddock, Audi Brand Director, Harwoods.

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