Individual coaching

Individual coaching is an extremely cost-effective way for organisations to provide support to key individuals. 

At certain times, there is a need to support individuals to help them capitalize on an important moment in their professional life; a new role, added scale and responsibility, a business opportunity or challenge. Coaching can help individuals to successfully navigate these moments and can significantly contribute to a renewed sense of purpose, energy and contribution. Rapid steps forward can be made with minimal time away from work. 

With experience gained all over the world in many sectors, our coaches are pragmatic and understand the realities of organisational life. We always ensure the chosen coach is well matched to support the individual. Our coaching is action oriented and helps individuals arrive at relevant and practical outcomes and can be conducted remotely or face to face. 

How do we approach individual coaching?  We recommend - 

  • a three-way relationship between the coachee, their manager or sponsor and the coach
  • a chemistry meeting to establish the degree of fit between the coachee and the proposed coach
  • discussing and agreeing with the manager and coachee the areas of focus
  • an initial tailored programme of a minimum of six 90-minute remote or face to face coaching sessions
  • sessions every three to four weeks to ensure momentum
  • discussing assessment or profiling tools to develop the coachee’s self awareness, such as 360 feedback, Insights, influencing etc.
  • a review meeting between the coachee, manager and coach at the end of the sessions to review progress and identify any further support 

Please get in touch if you think individual coaching may help you or people in your organisation.