How do we support change?

How do we work to support change? 

We work with Porsche Middle East & Africa FZE to change mindsets and behaviours to elevate customer experience. 

The challenge 

In common with many luxury brands and to keep pace with changing customer expectations, Porsche Middle East (PME) recognised that its brand standards and processes needed to be supplemented by a more personalised and memorable customer experience. The need was to embed in all its customer facing staff throughout the region, the mindset that truly values customers and which drives behaviours that build positive, emotional responses from them.  

We were asked to review the existing training curriculum for all customer facing staff within PME and design and deliver a new offering which addressed the identified need.  

How did we work? 

The PME retail network comprises of several approved partners or franchisees in a diverse and wide geographical area. It is their staff that are the customers of training that is provided by Porsche. It was important therefore that consideration be given to two important areas – 

  • how to ensure that they were excited by the shift in emphasis and style that was being proposed 

  • how to ensure this excitement converted into enrolments from the various markets and partners 

The phrase “a curriculum for the network from the network” quickly emerged to capture what we believed was the necessary approach 

Our desk review of the existing training enabled us to identify a number of shortcomings especially in the emphasis, sequencing and content of the courses. Our experience in the luxury sector also enabled us to identify differences that we could quickly introduce to address the identified goals. 

With this first stage nearing completion, we then embarked with internal PME sponsors on several market visits to build relationships, sell the vision, gain interest and listen to feedback and recommendations from a range of stakeholders. This proved invaluable and produced numerous examples, stories and experiences which we have been able to weave into what is now being delivered in a way that adds realism and richness to the new curriculum. 

The next stage was building the blocks of the curriculum, presenting it to key stakeholders at conferences and via video clips and consciously referencing some of their input. We agreed with PME that the launch of the curriculum would be done incrementally to generate as much traction as possible.  

Initial courses were fully subscribed, feedback was enormously positive, and markets are requesting training locally to accelerate the benefits for their Porsche Centres. Other opportunities are also being seized, whenever customer facing staff are gathered together at product launches for example, to showcase the new training and wet appetites. 

We are now working on ensuring sustainability of the new mindset and behaviours. On the spot coaching from managers will play a key role in this as we progressively deliver more elements of the new curriculum. 

If you are interested in talking about how we could help your people embrace change, please get in touch