How do we help managers?

'Thought provoking and enabled me to step back and change how I work' - LVMH Manager

So, how do we help develop managers? 

Here’s an example of a modular management programme we designed and are delivering for Glenmorangie, based in Scotland, an LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) company.

The challenge 

The requirement to operate as part of the world’s leading luxury group in a diverse, international, high performing, demanding and sophisticated environment is essential for all leaders and managers. 

Following the Moët Hennessy Employee Engagement Survey, Project TURAS was launched and a need was identified to provide outstanding management and leadership training to ensure that –​ ​

  • Managers who have not had any formal training learn the basics​ 
  • Managers can understand the leadership element within their role​ 
  • Managers can learn how to manage in an international luxury context​ 
  • Managers can help Glenmorangie reach higher in every way​ 

Contact Consulting was chosen to partner Glenmorangie as they wanted to work with a company who understood luxury but who also had pragmatic solutions. 

How did we work? 

We worked in partnership with the HR Development Team to design and deliver a blended learning programme which met their objectives. 

We discussed and clarified at the outset which elements would drive success.  These included –  

  • ​ A clear strategic objective, shared and understood by all the top leadership ​who would consistently and visibly support the programme 
  • Mandatory attendance through the identification of a strong “WIIFM” (What’s In It For Me?) for participants 
  • A clear, consistent golden thread that knits the programme to the organisational strategy 
  • Clear indicators and measures of success identified and applied internally, rewarded and made public​ 
  • The learning journey takes place over time through a fully blended approach where online, face to face and other activities are fully integrated ​ ​

How did we design and deliver? 

We designed and are currently delivering a modular management programme over 1 year which includes –  

  • Participants self-assessed their management capabilities before the programme.  After the programme their direct reports will be asked to assess their manager’s management capabilities which will include an improvement score as a result of the programme 
  • 2 day customised face to face modules in groups of 12 participants, mixed by function and location 
  • We designed some online micromodules which supported the face to face sessions and gave participants additional learning back in the workplace.  The micro modules are accessed through an App with individual logins. 
  • Peer coaching – we delivered some facilitated sessions for participants and ran rain the trainer sessions for HR so they were able to continue to support participants. After the facilitated sessions some groups are continuing with self-managed sessions 
  • Each participant had an MBTI communication and decision-making profile.  These results informed the design of the relevant face to face session 

Direct reports stated a 74% average improvement in their managers' skills & behaviours after our Reach Higher Leadership programme.

If you are interested in talking about how we could help develop your managers, please get in touch