How do we help leaders?

'Given me the knowledge of how best I can be a more effective leader' - Moët Hennessy Leader

Here is an example of how individual Executive Coaching supported a leader in Louis Vuitton


When performance challenges arrive for senior executives, they can often be critical moments in their careers; moments that if successfully navigated can often lead to fresh insight, more self-awareness and confidence and a renewed sense of purpose and energy.  

In many cases individual coaching can play a significant role in supporting executives through the transitions that inevitably come with more senior positions. 

In the case of this senior executive in Louis Vuitton, the goal was to smooth her entry into the organisation and help her adjust quickly to expectations and ways of working which were significantly different from the previous companies she had worked for. The anticipation and excitement that she had experienced on joining the company were quickly turning into self-doubt and hesitation. 

How did we work? 

Following the request from the HR Director, we initially arranged a “chemistry” meeting to establish the degree of fit between the executive and the proposed coach. Following that, we proposed a tailored programme of a minimum of six individual face–to-face coaching sessions of between two to three hours. Executive coaching can also be conducted remotely.

The sessions took place at intervals of 3 to 5 weeks. It was also agreed that prior to the coaching a 360° feedback survey would be conducted to gather data to add to the objectives that had initially been discussed with the sponsors, in this case the HRD and Country Manager. 

A review meeting between the executive, the sponsors and the coach was also held at the completion of the assignment to review progress and identify any further actions or support that might be needed.  

The benefits  

  • Personal, “fast track” learning with focus and momentum 
  • Learning that can be applied immediately in working situations 
  • Learning that can be reinforced by the ongoing cycle of action and review 
  • Quality time to address important development issues 
  • Minimal time away from work 

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