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Solutions to improve the performance of managers, teams and individuals

Implementing a successful change initiative - why your leaders and managers are key 

It is often said that people join companies and leave managers. Why, then, when change is underway do so many organisations delay commissioning management development programmes which are vital to sustain, support and develop new ways of working?

Key messages about change and required ways of working need to be reinforced on a daily basis. For most employees the behaviour of their manager is absolutely crucial to their belief that the change is real and lasting. If what is articulated is not backed up by new behaviours and people see leaders saying one thing and doing something else, then it is not surprising that managers lose heart and default to old ways.

Organisational change can only be successfully delivered if new strategies are consistently expressed through the daily behaviour of leaders and managers. Leadership and management development programmes, specifically designed to achieve the required shift in mindset and behaviour and which drive understanding and alignment, must form a key pillar to the successful delivery of change.

Graham Stickland

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