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How do you keep remote workers engaged and motivated?

Do they feel part of what’s going on? 

  • Have regular get-togethers/ get dates in the diary where the goal is inclusion and the agenda is sharing and involving
  • Provide the tools they need to do their role – e.g. business cards; email sign off; laptops; templates of stationery etc.
  • Be interested in them - as much as possible to make them feel included and part of the business
  • Treat them as internal customers - provide a full internal back up support

Is the communication effective?

  • Don’t rely on email- speak to them as least as much as you email them
  • Ask for regular updates from them
  • Respect time zone differences and what they are likely to be doing when you contact them
  • Consider them and think of them as if they were in the office with you – have those more personal and social conversations to build the relationship
  • If possible have a shared calendar so you are all aware of when/ where people are
  • Help them to communicate effectively with you, with training if necessary

Do they understand what’s important to the company?

  • Don’t assume they understand or know the company or situation as well as you do
  • Clarify expected company behaviour, values and attitudes
  • Update them regularly on company activity

Do they know what’s expected of them? Is it realistic?

  • Clearly define roles of what they are/aren’t responsible for
  • Be realistic in what you ask them to do
  • Provide training on what you want them to do
  • When you are briefing them, take the time to give the background context as well as detail about the task
  • Keep giving and asking for feedback
  • When setting deadlines discuss their workload and agree a reasonable timeframe

Ensure you have the right people working remotely, it’s not for everyone!


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Published: by N S