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Gender Balance Profiling Tool

Almost every day now, we read articles about the challenge of getting more women on the boards of FTSE organisations.

It is as if getting women into these top positions is all that matters and will then allow us to rest easy with our consciences clear. Surely the more pressing challenge is to get women to fill the myriad of senior roles that constitute the pipeline of talent available to organisations for senior roles.

This requires organisations to look seriously at why and how women become sidelined. It requires a willingness to look at the subtle and unconscious ways that organisation culture discriminates against women and to make managers and leaders aware of how they can behave in a more gender balanced way.

We have developed a profiling tool that helps managers look at the way they behave using a model of masculine and feminine values. Please get in touch if you are interested in finding out more about how this profiling tool can help your organisation.

Published: by N S