Effective Meetings - One Day Course

Effective Meetings is one of our one day courses.

AIM:  Time is a precious resource and no-one wants their time wasted. Yet many of the business meetings we attend leave us with the feeling that nothing much has been accomplished and our time could have been better spent elsewhere. This course will give you the skills and tools to achieve more focused and productive meetings. Participants at these meetings will leave with more energy and enthusiasm to push things forward and make progress.

OBJECTIVES:   At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • Plan and prepare more purposeful meetings (conference call meetings, face to face meetings, video/web conference meetings)
  • Create structures for outcome focused meetings – objectives, agendas, minutes, actions etc.
  • Lead meetings
  • Build effective meeting behaviours and ensure full participation
  • Handle destructive meeting behaviours
  • Build consensus and gain agreement for clear decisions 


  • Planning: What are the key questions we need to ask before attending a meeting and how to set purposeful meeting objectives
  • Preparation: How to prepare a meeting to ensure clarity of focus and output during it.  How to create a workable and effective agenda
  • Behaviours: How to ensure participants all contribute and how to challenge and reduce unhelpful behaviours
  • Action: How to build consensus on decisions and actions

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