Diverse and Inclusive Leadership Development Training

Addressing Diversity Including Gender 

Our two day in depth leadership development training programme, with individual Gender Traits Profiles, leaves participants better equipped to manage people and situations by adjusting their behaviour and communication styles and removing unhelpful assumptions and prejudices.

Gender bias in organisations is often unconscious and exists even when we believe it doesn’t.  It influences our decisions, reactions and judgments when deciding who to promote, who to ask to lead special projects and who we judge has great leadership potential. 

The business case for more gender balance in organisations has been powerfully made but the challenge remains how to achieve it in a way that is realistic, inclusive and sustainable.  

 The biggest challenge lies in changing the nature of corporate culture.  Several reports indicate gender bias is clearly identified as a reason women sometimes still find it difficult to progress in organisations. Leadership positions are often unattractive to women because of a gender bias within the organisation.

Our practical training programme for leaders and managers tackles the issue of gender bias and gives participants new ways to adapt their behaviour to create a lasting change in their organisation.

  • Bespoke programmes for leaders or managers
  • Understand and learn to adapt your behaviour which unconciously values some ways of working more than others
  • Individual Gender Trait Profiles, with input from colleagues, which highlight which of the masculine and feminine traits you display most frequently and the impact for you and your organisation
  • What you need to change to lead and manage in a more gender balanced way
  • Bespoke exercises on giving feedback, measuring and reviewing performance, networking and discussing talent potential, all help participants see that changes in the way they approach everyday situations will impact significantly the culture in which they work. 

Please get in touch if you would like support in addressing gender bias in your organisation.