Delegation Skills

Delegation Skills is one of our one day courses.

AIM:  The ability to delegate well helps motivate others by giving them more interesting and challenging work and frees precious time to help you focus on your priorities. The aim of this course is to introduce you to a series of tools and techniques to help you delegate successfully.  You will learn which of your tasks are best to delegate, how to assess the most appropriate person to do that task, and how to communicate it in such a way that the other person feels empowered and the task itself is completed correctly.  

OBJECTIVES: At the end of this workshop you will be able to:

  • identify what currently stops you from delegating and be able to overcome those barriers
  • recognise the common delegation pitfalls and know how to overcome them
  • identify which of your tasks would be best delegated to someone else
  • use the 6 step delegation process to effectively plan and execute your delegation 
  • efficiently review the delegation process to ensure future success and buy-in


  • Understanding your key responsibilities:  Before you can start to delegate, you need to spend some time understanding what the key purpose of your role is.  From that you can analyse which tasks have to be carried out by you, and which can be freed up to be delegated
  • What is the purpose of delegating?:  Once we have an understanding of what delegation is and what it can do for our self and others, it makes it easier to both see where we might have got it wrong in the past, and also how we might begin to improve our technique for the future.
  • What are the current blockers to delegation? :  Most managers fundamentally want to be able to delegate work to their team, but a number of issues make this difficult.  We will analyse what are the common blockers, and create an action plan to overcome them.
  • How to plan your delegation: Using a six step process, you will take real work tasks and map out a plan for delegating them successfully back in the workplace. 

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