Change Initiatives and Individual Coaching

Support organisational change initiatives with individual coaching

Most change initiatives succeed or fail on the willingness and ability of the people who must make the change stick.  Often they need ongoing support to maintain the appropriate focus needed to implement the necessary changes.  

Individual coaching can play an effective role in ensuring change initiatives are successful. It can - 

  • maintain momentum during change 
  • provide reassurance to individuals dealing with change and difficult situations
  • refine and focus actions based on organisational priorities
  • bring perspective and an objective view  to view situations in a positive light
  • offer opportunities to stand back from action and consider the wider situation
  • explore options to tackle challenging situations and people

Our highly experienced team of coaches recently provided individual manager coaching for a luxury global retailer to support their strategic initiative to elevate levels of client service. Quotes from participants include - 

"I was able to see the issues and problems that I was experiencing with some of my team in a much more logical way and from a more objective view point"

"The coach understood my frustrations and happy moments and allowed me to release pressure to see things in a more balanced way"

"The coaching sesssions are really engraved in my memory and are still feeding me when things are difficult"

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